The Connective Family Formula Feb 23

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Connective Family Formula (1)

The Connective Family Formula Feb 23

23 February - 28 March 2023

In this 5 week online course, you'll discover how to start creating calm in your family through connection and presence. This program is run through pre-recorded training delivered each Thursday, followed by a live Q&A session the following Tuesday with program leaders Sarah Fisher and Sandra Summers. For more information incl. times of sessions, click here.

Week 1

We’ll be looking at connection, both with ourselves and our children. We'll think about emotions, where they come from and our responses to them.

Week 2

We’ll discover how to manage meltdowns – what to do and what not to. This is one of the things we’re asked about most.

Week 3

We’ll talk about how to reduce the likelihood of meltdowns happening in the first place, through conversations with our children and learning about emotions.  We’ll talk about things like lying, shame, consequences and work through lots of different examples.

Week 4

We’ll be talking about helpful help – what that really means, where to get it and what you want.  We’ll talk about siblings, and spend some time deciding where to start and looking at siblings.

Week 5

We’ll talk about the importance of self reflection, not having to be perfect and what to do when those around you don’t get it.

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